Languages: Kurdî ‏سۆرانی‎

News Bullettin 1

January 2009-

*The ninth general meeting of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)
*Document for the Strategy of National Unity in Kurdistan
*The mothers of peace and their children want to speak their own Kurdish language
*Interview with the Chair of the KCK Murat Karayilan
*BAHOZ ERDAL: “Turkey and Iran are planning to form a buffer zone on the Southern Kurdistan border”.
*HPG: Turkish army conducted 373 operations in 1 year
*Bomb-loaded vehicle explodes, 4 dead 42 wounded
*Helicopter bombarded the village, many people are wounded
*IHD Adana Branch: Violence and repression tripled in 2008
*Ministry’s reply in relation to torture: Individuals tortured themselves!
*Kurdish Artists: TRT 6 is another version of village guardianship
*TRT 6 is free to speak in Kurdish, but it is forbidden to Kurds!
*Kurdish Spokesperson and EUTCC Patron Leyla Zana Convicted to Ten Years in Prison by a Turkish Court
*National – Turkey shells PKK targets despite ceasefire
*Iran: End Repression in Kurdish Areas – Peaceful Dissidents Jailed,Books
*Syria: Kurds say Property Law Discriminatory

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