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Document for the Strategy

Document for the Strategy of National Unity in Kurdistan

The war between Kurdish forces and colonialist states has reached a new stage. This development has made the need for Kurdish unity even more critical. Till this day many attempts have been made to unify the nation, despite this no national platform has been achieved in bringing together all national forces. Due to the historical experiences of the Kurdish people, national conscience has developed. At the present moment national unity is a must for the Kurdish cause. Channels for dialogue between national forces must be provided. Alongside this, norms and rules should be laid to guide the national forces in politics. As the Kurdish National Congress we present and recommend that the “Strategy of National Unity” be discussed in the public domain.

Kurdistan’s status and the situation of the Kurdish people

Kurdistan is an international colony in the Middle East. Under the control of countries such as Turkey, Iran and Syria, the division of Kurdistan into four parts continues to this day. The Kurdish nation is under the occupation of these colonialist states. No national and democratic rights are given to the Kurdish people. Kurdistan generally still suffers from war and attempts of annihilation and extermination.

The part within Iraq’s borders is taking a new shape: Federal Kurdistan within Federal Iraq. However, Federal Iraq’s central administration has adopted an anti-Kurdistan position, because of the potential threat that the idea of Kurdistan and the rights of the Kurdish people poses to the federal administration. Therefore, national awareness must remain high and visible with regards to this issue.

Internal and external dynamics on “national strategy”:

“National strategy” exclaims the importance of all national forces’ concentration on fighting for the freedom of Kurdistan and the freedom of Kurdistan from the oppression of colonial enemy states. The main principle behind the “national strategy” is “democratic national interest”.

On behalf of the Kurdish people and other minorities, all socio-politic, socio-cultural and socio-economic organisations, political personalities and intellectuals form the “great national force” as the social coordination of the “national strategy”.

International forces are conducting their policies on Kurdistan according to their own geostrategic interests. According to this reality, global real-politic must be considered when making multi faceted coalitions.

The position of the colonialist states:

Colonialist states are in a mode of competition within themselves in accordance with their own interests. However, on one point their interests overlap and they act accordingly. This is Kurdistan and the Kurdish people’s national movement. The colonialist states carry out their anti-Kurdistan and anti-Kurd policies individually and collectively.

The position of the Kurdish nation and other peoples of Kurdistan:

To counter the developments mentioned above, the Kurdish nation and its dynamics should come together in accordance with our national interests and act in coordination. Colonialist states are transcending the mutual borders in their action against our nation. Therefore Kurdish national forces should acknowledge these manoeuvres and reciprocate by removing the fake borders and struggle against these states in coordination and solidarity. The new characteristic of the Kurdistan revolution is this and should be put into practise.

The Kurdish people are in a process of revolution. The Kurdish revolution is national and democratic. The Kurdish nation is on one hand fighting against colonialist states and on the other hand trying to adapt a democratic system within its own society. All classes and social groups and categories are allies in the revolution against the colonialist states. They are all bound by the aim of Kurdistan’s freedom and the freedom of the Kurdish nation. There is a place for all minorities of Kurdistan in this aim. These include Assyrians, Armenians, Jews, Arabs, Turcoman and Turks. They are the allies of the Kurdish people and their freedom also depends on the freedom of the Kurdish people. Due to this all the people of Kurdistan should fight against the colonialist states. It is in the interests of all the peoples of Kurdistan that the colonialist system is abolished in Kurdistan.

The right to self determination:

During the course of revolution, internal and external national forces, could bring up challenges according to global developments. The right to self determination allows Kurds to determine itself. This could be autonomy, federalism, confederalism, or even independence. Kurds are entitled to use all means necessary to achieve these rights.

The strategic position in the national movement:

1. Democratic national interests should be above everything.

2. National phenomena should be preserved and symbols should be respected.

3. During the struggle against the colonialist states, no partisan rivalry in pursuit of narrow party interests should come obstruct the cause.

4. National organisations should be in dialogue.

5. Solidarity between the national organisations should be fully upheld.

6. Kirkuk and all of Kurdistan’s borders should be protected against the colonialist states.

7. Fighting between national forces should be regarded as a high crime.

8. If any national force takes wrongful action towards another national force this should be accepted as a red alarm and should be dealt with by all national forces in a way that this conflict be stopped immediately.

9. The preservation of national unity should be made specific with the introduction of permanent national institutions such as a parliament, platform, congress or a different type of organisation.

KNK II. Widened Meeting
24 June 2008, Brussels