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Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress KNK, 21st General Congress

Below is the list of the members of the  Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress 21st General Meeting following the 2-3-4th December 2022 elections.

All terms are for 2 years and expire in December 2024.


Zeyneb Morad Sohrab & Ahmet Karam├╗s

Executive Council

1. Amîna Rad, Commission on Women
2. Ekrem Heso
3. Faruq Cemîl, Vice Co-chairs
4. Hêvî Mustafa, Vice Co-chairs
5. Îbrahîm Alîpor, Committee on Rojhilat
6. Kamuran Berwarî, Commission on Environmental Issues
7. Kurde Omer, Committee on Human Rights
8. Mecîd Heso, Committee on Beliefs
9. N├«l├╗fer Ko├ž, Commission on Foreign Relations
10. Numan Ugur, Committee on Beliefs
11. Refîq Xefûr, Committee on Media
12. Sabrîya Sevgat, Commission on Women
13. Salar Mehmod
14. ┼×ehla Hef├«d, Commission on Environmental Issues
15. Seîd Senendecî, Committee on Human Rights
16. ┼×├¬rko Mihemed Em├«n, Commission on Language, Education, Culture and the Arts
17. Tahir Kemalîzadeh, Committee on Rojhilat
18. Zeyneb Mustafa
19. Zubeyir Aydar, Committee on Finance