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Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress KNK, 19th General Congress

Below is the list of  the members of the  Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress 19th General Meeting following the 18-19-20th October 2017 elections. All terms are for 2 years and expire in October 2021.


knk_tZeyneb Morad Sohrab knk_tAhmet Karamûs


Executive Council

knk_tZubeyir Aydar, Committee on Law
knk_tŞahla Hafid, Vice Co-chairs
knk_tNilufer Koç, Commission on Foreign Relations
knk_tRefik Ghefur, Committee on Media
knk_tBehzat Pîrmusa
knk_tRaman Majid
knk_tLeyla Birlik, Commission on Women
knk_tKwêstan Davudi
knk_tAkram Hisso
knk_tMajid Hasso, Commission on Language, Education, Culture and the Arts
knk_tFuad Jamal, Committee on Human Rights
knk_tSaid Saidi, Commission on Environmental Issues
knk_tNuman Ogur,Vice Co-chairs
knk_tRodi Mellek
knk_tAmina Rad