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News Bullettin n6

June 2008 –

*Kongra-Gel Calling on the EP and EU Institutions
*KCK To the Press and Public
*One month closing ban for Alternatif Newspaper
*It is not allowed for the media to make news about certain people in Southern Kurdistan!
*Peace Mothers to Erdogan: How can you stand against this people?
*Pregnant Wife Gets A Beating For Conceiving A Daughter
*The outcome of the war between the HPG and the Turkish army during the month of May 2008
*Women of the PKK Guerrilla in Northern Iraq
*Kurdish peace manifesto coming : 1st june
*Despite promises, Turkish PM visits Amed with cold heart and empty hands
*AI; Fair trial concerns persist in Turkey
*Over 100 thousand people gathered to say EDI BESE!
*Kurdish politician calls for dialogue with PKK
*Hasankeyf and Kurdish Cultural Genocide
*Turkish Death Squads Protected by ‘The State’
*Surge in violence against women in Iraqi Kurdistan

KNK 2008 Bullettin n6……