Languages: Kurdî ‏سۆرانی‎

The mothers of peace and their children want to speak their own Kurdish language

Statement 12.01.2009 – Within the last few days, the mothers of peace started many activities in support of the Kurdish language and these activities are still ongoing.The mothers want their own language, their children to learn the Kurdish language and call upon the colonialist States to end this injustice against the Kurdish language. Also it is important that the Kurdish students learn how to deal scientifically with their language and to be thought in universities and institutes.

The Kurdish language is one of the oldest languages and spoken by an estimated 40 million people. Prevention of the language and culture of 40 million is a great sin, without doubt, a shame on the conscience of humanity.

The colonial Powers and the Turkish state in the forefront continue the implementation of these policies against the Kurdish language and try to prevent and assimilate it, as well as to ignore it permanently.

This time, the Turkish state “under the slogan of the opening of a new Kurdish television” started a propaganda campaign; it did not recognize the Kurdish language in over hundreds of years and has always been pursuing this approach to wipe out the language. But the strange thing, which calls for the rejection and condemnation, that the “AkP” party starts broadcasting in Kurdish on its networks.

This situation brings the condemnation and indignation of the Kurdish people and the Kurdish liberation movement.

Without a doubt, the goal of “AKP” is to deceive the Kurds and get their support in the coming elections.

Minister of the Interior, “Kader Akso” says that the mother tongue is a legitimate right like the mother’s milk. This is the same person who fought and killed large number people in the past years. That is in itself a clear contradiction and disrespect.

Channel, “T. R. T. 6” did not come for the development of the Kurdish culture and language. The Kurdish people cannot be deceived. The Turkish Republic must change all of these tactics of deception, they must know and be aware of the will the Kurdish people and therefore must put into action effective plans and projects.

We want freedom for our language if the language is free then it is developed. But the most important is that the people are to be free so they can develop and free their language.

For this reason, the activities and demonstrations of our mothers have benefits and real meaning. We, too, salute our mothers on this struggle.

Once again, we condemn this injustice imposed against the Kurdish language and culture.

We say: our language is our dignity and our dignity is our freedom.

The Executive Committee of the KNK