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The vicinity of the Kurdish city of Semdinli in Turkey is under the control of Kurdish Guerillas!

Statement 01.08.2012 – The Turkish Army has been under military siege by the Kurdish Guerrilas for 9 days! The Turkish Army bombs Kurdish civilians and villages due to its defeat against the Guerilla!

The HPG Guerillas who are part of the PKK, have been in control of a large vicinity of the Semdinli Town of Hakkari City for the past 9 days, and have reported that 49 special forces members have been killed and 2 military helicopters which include a Cobra type and a Skorsky type have been shot down. It is reported that whilst the Guerilla have taken control of the area, the Turkish Army has been unsuccessful in entering the area. Local sources state that the Kurdish guerillas sometimes come to the immediate vicinity of Semdinli Town and conduct road-side searches.

“The Turkish Army has been imprisoned in military stations”

HPG Military Council Member Kemal Garzan, assessed the road-side controls and skirmishes that have been going on since 23 July in Semdinli Town (Semzinan) of Hakkari City, stating “The operation we are conducting in Semzinan, is a revolutionary operation. It’s a siege. Control of the area is in the hands of the HPG. No matter what the cost may be, we will not take a step back. The Turkish army is at a loss and does not know what to do. Turkish army suffered heavy casualties in this operation. During this time, the organisations of the Turkish state and army in  Semzinan have been dissolved. The Turkish army is unable to leave Semzinan Town centre  or its military stations.

In the mean time, UAVs have been constantly flying over Semdinli Town’s borders since 23 July. HPG Guerrilas have asserted their control over a large area for more than a week. This proves a first for the guerrilla struggle since the 90s.

Whilst the skirmishes which started 9 days ago still continue, the rural areas of the town are under constant bombardment of Turkish war planes. Following the capture of control, by the guerrilas, over a large area of Semdinli Town in Hakkari, the most comprehansive bombardment since 24 July has taken place. However, it has been reported that this offensive has also been pushed back by the guerrilla, and did not produce any results.

Turkish army clears out Kurdish villages by force due to its defeat against the Guerrilla!

To cover up and hide its failures against the Kurdish guerrillas, the Turkish state does not allow the press to enter the area and threatens the lives of journalists who report these news. Despite the large number of military casualties caused by intense skirmishes over the past 9 days, the Turkish media does not inform the global public of these news. Since 23 July, the Turkish state has emptied tens of Kurdish villages, and there is currently no contact with another 10 villages and 42 hamlets. Both a Kurdish member of parliament and the Mayor of Hakkari have been denied travel into the area by the Turkish soldiers. According to the local sources, skirmishes still continue in Semdinli. The Turkish army have been constantly transporting armed vehicles and soldiers to the area in order to regain control.

The development of these events may also bring about a humanitarian drama. We would like to inform the public and all related peoples of the urgency of the situation.

KNK Press Office