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Iran provokes war

Statement 10.05.2012 – On May 9 the death penalty through hanging was carried out against the Kurdish political prisoners Ferzad Kemanger, Eli Heyderiyan, Ferhad Wekili and Sirin Elem Hulu in the torture prison of Evin, not far from the Iranian capital Teheran. We condemn the inhuman and beastly method of murder carried out by the Iranian Mullah regime. All four political prisoners were tortured every day since their arrest because they were members of PJAK (The Free Life Party Kurdistan). They had no access to justice or defence. There is no justice in Iran. By misusing the Islam as a political instrument all murders are justified as being in the name of Allah, which in fact goes against everything the Islam stands for.

The fact that some international broadcasters use the excuse of PJAK membership in an attempt to legitimise these murders is just as illegitimate and inhuman as the act itself. Iran is politically trying to justify this crime against humanity by condemning PJAK. The death penalty is seen in this century as a crime against humanity and must be abolished. It does not matter against whom, or for what reason.

The PJAK became a historic necessity because of the beastly politics of murder in Iran against the Kurds and other opposition groups. It is not the reason for the backward, antidemocratic trouble in Iran, but clearly a result of this situation. It must be acknowledged that the murder of the four Kurds was carried out a week after the decisions of the first Conference of PJAK were made known. At this conference PJAK again called for an Iranian Kurdish dialogue for peace based on elementary rights of freedom for the Kurdish people.

By murdering the four members of PJAK Iran has chosen the confrontation and war against the Kurds. There are two reasons for this. It is an attempt to provoke the Kurds into war, and more importantly, Iran is using this politics of confrontation to encourage Turkey to go to war against the Kurds.

It is well known that since the start of spring Turkey is preparing a military offensive against the Kurds in northern Iraq. Iran hopes to profit from this in a military sense, because it is well known in Teheran that the manipulation politics known as “the Kurdish opening” which was introduced by the Turkish state under the leadership of the AKP government against the Kurds, has failed. The AKP government has, as part of this project, sought the support of Iran using a foreign policy based on “no problems with the neighbours.” Now Iran is using the existing anti-Kurdish coalition and encouraging its partner into war. Iran’s intention is clear, using a war against the Kurds to gain time for its own major power projects in the Middle East. Their aim is to balance its international political breakthrough.

We believe that no politcal power has the right to make politics based on crimes against humanity. The right to life is a universal and untouchable right. The death penalty is seen as a crime against humanity and must be abolished. We call on all people to oppose the attempts by Iran to use the murder of  the Kurds for new escalations and a new wave of violence, and to fight together with us Kurds.

Executive Council of the KNK