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Kurds Stand with the Japanese after their 2024 Earthquake

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the nation of Japan and the Japanese people in the aftermath of the recent New Year’s Day earthquake near the Noto Peninsula. So far, this earthquake has resulted in hundreds of injuries and dozens of casualties, with the possibility of mud slides and tsunamis still to come.

Since Kurdistan itself is mountainous and in an active tectonic zone, the Kurds are well aware of the devastation earthquakes can cause. This was seen last February when a terrible earthquake destroyed entire villages and cities throughout Northern Kurdistan and Rojava. As a result, our people are still recovering from this tragedy.

It is because of our past experiences that we are able to appreciate the difficult time that Japan is experiencing, and we offer our deepest sympathy to the killed, injured, and all those affected. Kurdistan and the Kurdish people will continue to stand with the people of Japan and wish your nation a speedy recovery and resilience during this difficult time.

The Executive Council of the KNK