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Kurdistan National Congress Statement Regarding the Attacks on Erbil

The invaders of Kurdistan have continuously planned, in every way, to destroy our achievements and wipe our nation off the map. In Northern (Turkey) and Eastern (Iran) Kurdistan, they have implemented the policy of denial and assimilation of our people. In the Western (Syria) and Southern (Iraq) parts of Kurdistan, they have been planning to end the autonomous regions of Rojava and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Within this framework, the states of Turkey and Iran are carrying out attacks and invading the land of Kurdistan daily. Last night, the capital of the KRG, Hewlêr (Erbil), was the subject of repeated missile attacks by the Iranian government, and civilian places were targeted. This resulted in many civilian casualties.

We at the Kurdistan National Congress condemn all these attacks on our people. Regrettably, the KRG stands as a continuation of the invader’s policy and plan. The KRG has implemented a policy of divide and control over the people in the South, and they have weakened the morale and will of the Kurdish people against the invaders. The morale and will of our people are the essential elements we need to continue to strengthen in order to stand against the invaders of Kurdistan. Therefore, we demand that:

1-The people of Kurdistan in every city should condemn and stand against these attacks.

2-It is not enough that the KRG authorities only condemn such attacks by Turkey and Iran. Serious measures are urgently needed. We also ask our Kurdish diaspora to express their condemnation through political action.

3-We ask the international community and coalition forces to raise their voice and do their utmost to halt such attacks.

4-We ask the Iraqi and KRG governments to fulfil their Constitutional duty and stop these military violations against the sovereignty of their soil.

The ruling Kurdish political parties and the opposition groups in the KRG cannot stand on their own feet by relying solely on support from neighbouring countries—they must have the faith and confidence of the people. Therefore, it is necessary for them to choose unity and defend Southern Kurdistan together. They should also practice democracy and be fair in their responsibility towards their fellow citizens. We call on all Kurdish political parties in Southern Kurdistan to unite and form a unified strategic plan. Otherwise, the result will eventually be a weakened and dissolved Kurdish entity within Iraq. Ultimately, this is the aim and objective of the occupying enemies of Kurds.

KNK will always support our people under threat anywhere in Kurdistan

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress