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The Kurds of Kobane canton are faced with massacre

Statement 24.12.2013- For the past few days in Southwest Kurdistan – Rojava (Syria) terrorist groups have surrounded the town of Kobane, one of the three cantons declared by the Kurds, and are threatening a massacre. The objective of these gangs to surround and capture Kobane is indirectly being supported by the Turkish and Syrian states. It is a well known fact that the fighters of these gangs are receiving military and logistical support through the Akcakale border crossing (Akcakale is the Turkish-Syrian border crossing controlled by ISIS on the Syrian side) from the Turkish state. At the same time, these gangs are going to Kobane in front of the eyes of the Syrian state and military; they remain silent. This only means that there is a joint objective to massacre the Kurds. In response to this, the women, youth and elderly of Kobane are showing resistance. This resistance is a resistance of the people against tanks and heavy artillery. So far, many people have lost their lives from both sides. It is incomprehensible that the international arena can remain silent in the face of these events.

Since the beginning of these attacks, for the past three days, the silence of the international community has been deafening; on the contrary, it is a human responsibility, an ethical responsibility and a legal responsibility to stand by the Kurdish people at this time. The people of Kobane are resisting, and they will continue to resist. If the resistance of Kobane is broken, then the strength of radical terrorists in Syria will solidify. In this sense, the resistance of the people of Kobane is not only significant for the people of Kobane. This is a matter of security for everyone. To stand by the Kurds of Kobane, is to stand by democracy and freedom.

In this regard, we call upon all international organisations including the European Union and the United Nations to take a stance. We call on these organisations to stand by the Kurdish people. We also call upon all human rights activists, civil societies and democratic institutions of the world to be in solidarity with the Kurdish people.

Kurdistan National Congress