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Outcome of the Consultation Conference for the Promotion of National Dialogue

Upon a call from the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and the Union of Kurdistan Parliamentarians (KPU) a conference, titled the Consultation for the Promotion of National Dialogue, was organised on 21.11.2020 on Zoom.

The Conference was attended by 250 people, including representative from most Kurdistanian parties and organisations, representative from civil society organisations, politicians, intellectuals, artists, authors, journalists and independent individuals from four parts of Kurdistan and abroad. Despite diversity of views being aired by the participants, it was satisfying that all participants were backing peace and national dialogue.

We can say that all participants, with their speeches and demands, represented the opinion of millions of the Kurdistan people. The position and demand of the participants created a great hope both for the struggle against the occupiers of Kurdistan and for solution to national issues. At this key stage where in Kurdistan, the Middle East, and the world new development and change are taking place, the organising of such meetings are necessary as they serve the cause of dialogue, peace and unity.

After long and deep analysis, the Consultation Conference for the Promotion of National Dialogue shares the following points with the public:

The Conference regards the achievement of the Kurdish people, no matter in what part of Kurdistan, as a national achievement, and its protection as a national and patriotic duty.
The Conference condemns civil war and regards it as the red line that must not be crossed. No party and individual should instigate a civil war. All problems between Kurdistan’s political parties should be solved via dialogue.

The Conference is against all armed confrontation between Kurdish forces and regards the current situation as a threat to all achievements of Kurdistan.

To create mutual trust and recognition between Kurdish forces, the Conference supports all views, appeals, and initiatives for peace and dialogue.

Kurdistan and the Middle East are going through change and difficulty. This situation contains both risk and opportunity for the Kurdistanian people. At this critical stage, the Conference calls upon all Kurdistanian forces to set aside their differences, and from a strong unity among themselves.

To prevent further escalation and prepare the way for dialogue, the Conference calls upon the disputing sides to stop their media hostility and propaganda attack against one another.

The Conference regards the initiative taken by the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and the Union of Kurdistan Parliamentarians an important step to eliminate the tension between the disputing sides and make dialogue prevail.

The Conference wants this initiative to be extended further to include more influential and experienced people.

The Conference hopes that all Kurdistanian parties and establishments work seriously for the creation of an umbrella organisation, and come to an agreement on a national and patriotic covenant (National Oath).

The Consultation Conference for the Promotion of National Dialogue