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KNK: The way Hakan Fidan was received in Hewler was embarrassing

The visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan to Iraq and South Kurdistan aimed to legitimize and continue Ankara’s attacks in the region.

We underlined that of the four states that dominate Kurdistan, Iraq constitutionally recognizes the existence and rights of the Kurds, and added that Turkey is trying to draw Iraq into its own line and actually wants a return to the times of the Saddam regime.

The Turkish state’s intention as one of “undermining the interests of the Kurdish people”. Turkey’s stance during the independence referendum held six years ago in South Kurdistan.

If your enemy thanks you, you should think ten times

The way the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, was greeted in Hewler as ÔÇťembarrassingÔÇŁ, and said that many Kurdish fighters and leading figures were killed by the institution Fidan was the head of and by his own decision.

As to Hakan Fidan’s thanking the prime minister of the South Kurdistan government, If your enemy thanks you, you should think ten times.

The KDP is not only not taking a stand on the Turkish state’s attacks, but is actually engaged in activities that facilitate these attacks. The South Kurdistan administration remained unresponsive to the attacks and massacres in P├¬ncew├«n, S├«dekan and Bradost during Fidan’s visit to Hewler.

Call on the Iraqi government and KDP

We as KNK call on the Iraqi government and said that there should be no cooperation with the Turkish state. The KNK also demanded that a stance be taken against the attacks carried out by the Turkish state.

We call to the KDP, the KNK said that the attitude of taking sides with the Turkish state should be abandoned and a national line should be followed as soon as possible.

We call on all Kurdistan forces to stand against the invaders and take their place in Kurdistan’s freedom struggle.

We salut the forces resisting the invading Turkish army in Zap, Met├«na and Ava┼č├«n.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)
Executive Council