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Appeal to local and global media and public opinion

Under the pretence of targeting the Kurdistan WorkersÔÇÖ Party (PKK), the Turkish military is attacking and invading the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. While this is not the first time that the Turkish stateÔÇÖs forces have struck the Kurdistan Region, this time the campaign of military aggression is larger in scale ÔÇô this invasion demonstrates a more vicious intention, and its goals are terrifying and disastrous for the peoples of the region.

These ongoing attacks are causing death, injury, and the destruction of the livelihoods, homes, and property of thousands of civilians who populate the area. They are causing lasting damage to lives of the citizens of the region as well as its environment and economic infrastructure. What concerns us is that, despite the magnitude and brutality of these ongoing attacks using heavy weaponry and occupying land for military camps, despite repeated demands from the parliament of Iraq and the parliament of the Kurdistan Region that the Turkish army withdraw from northern Iraq, and despite delivery to the Kurdistan Parliament of a petition signed by 500,000 people of the Kurdistan Region condemning these attacks, we nonetheless see and hear complete silence from the world concerning the Turkish militaryÔÇÖs deadly aggression against the Kurdistan Region, and this silence paves the way for an intensification of these deadly attacks on the region.

We, the undersigned, seek to draw the attention of the media and public in the Kurdistan Region, throughout Iraq, and internationally to the following crucial points:
1.The Turkish stateÔÇÖs military aggression against Iraq and the Kurdistan Region is in complete violation of international human rights conventions and is an infringement on the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. This deadly campaign constitutes an attack against a sovereign country and is contrary to international law.

2.The Turkish stateÔÇÖs attacks represent an invasion, and we strongly condemn it. We believe that such actions only promote further instability in the region, as the presence of invading armed forces creates a major security concern for the Kurdistan Region, and will be a source of future tension.

3.The political institutions of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, international institutions, parties and political personalities, civil society, thinkers and academics, and anyone with an interest in promoting basic human rights and social justice must stand against this unjust invasion that has long-lasting, destructive effects on the people, land, and economy of the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdistan Region has experienced many crises in the last decades, and ongoing aggression by the Turkish state actively interferes with and prevents recovery and reconstruction efforts in the region.

4.Instead of violence and bloodshed, the Turkish state must open all doors for discussion to solve the Kurdish question in Turkey peacefully and, based on democratic principles, it should try to solve the Kurdish question. This is the right way to attain peace and brotherhood among the nations living together in the region.

1. Hawjîn Mela Emîn, author and university lecturer, Silêmanî
2. Umîd Qeredaxî, author and academic, Silêmanî
3. Ebdulla Mela Nûrî, former MP, Germiyan
4. Necîbe Qeredaxî, member of Jineolojî Academy, Brussels
5. Dr. Fayîq Gulpî, politician, Silêmanî
6. Merîwan Wirya Qani, university lecturer, Amsterdam
7. Yesra Receb, MP-Iraq, Germiyan
8. Hesen Cûdî, author and journalist, Silêmanî
9. ┼×├¬rko Heme Em├«n, former MP, Sil├¬man├«
10. Muhsin Edîb, author and university lecturer, Silêmanî
11. Amîne Kake Bawe, PM, Sweden
12. Berîvan Mihemed, political activist, Silêmanî
13. Peyman ├Őzedd├«n, former MP, Sil├¬man├«
14. ┼×iwan Mihemed, journalist, Sil├¬man├«
15. Dr Hekîm Ebdulkerîm, political prisoner, Derbendîxan
16. Asos Ehmed Herdî, author and journalist, Silêmanî
17. Perwîn Ezîz Seyîd, civil activist, Silêmanî
18. Adil Usman Mihemed, civil activist, Silêmanî
19. Tara Husên, political activist, Silêmanî
20. Seyîd Ekrem, political activist, Duhok
21. Ebûber Helednî, PM, Silêmanî
22. Selah Xidir, journalist, Silêmanî
23. ┼×ori┼č Xidir Tof├«q, political activist, Sil├¬man├«
24. Dr. Kamiran Mentiq, university lecturer, Hewlêr
25. Mihemed Ebdulla, co-chair of the Freedom Movement, Silêmanî
26. Hakim Letîf Mustefa Emîn, lawyer, Silêmanî
27. Îbrahîm Mihemed Ferec, political activist, Silêmanî
28. ┼×├¬rko Cewdet, PM, Sil├¬man├«
29. Niyaz Ebdulla, civil activist, Hewlêr
30. R├¬zan ┼×├¬x Dil├¬r, former MP, Sil├¬man├«
31. Salar Basîre, political analyst
32. Saman Usman Ferec, mullah and religious expert, Silêmanî
33. Ezîz Reof, author and university lecturer, Silêmanî
34. Kemal Reof, journalist, Silêmanî
35. Silêman Ereb, PYD representative in the Kurdistan Region
36. Muzeyen Gune┼č, HDP representative in the Kurdistan Region
37. Abêd Îke, HDP representative in the Kurdistan Region
38. Mes├╗d Heso, representative of North and East of Syria in the Kurdistan Region
39. Fethulla Husênî, representative of North and East of Syria in the Kurdistan Region
40. Silava Dilêr Suleyman, representative of North and East of Syria in the Kurdistan Region
41. Necme Xulamî, artist, Sweden
42. Kal├¬ Ate┼č├«n, artist, Sweden
43. Mihemed Bekir Kerîm, teacher, Silêmanî
44. P├«r Luqman, leader of KurdistanÔÇÖs Zoroastrians, United Kingdom
45. Mullah Hikmet Ebdulla, philosophy teacher, Derbendîxan
46. Ciwana Sine, spokesperson for East Kurdistan Free Women Society (KJAR), Silêmanî
47. Ehmed Mîre, journalist, Silêmanî
48. Peykar Usman Ehmed, author, Finland
49. ┼×ehla Hef├«d, member of the Executive Council of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), Sweden
50. Dr Bayzîd Hesen, university lecturer and former MP, Silêmanî
51. Mihemed Emîn Pênciwênî, politician, Silêmanî
52. Sara Reza Elî, official, Silêmanî
53. ┼×ori┼č Em├«n Mihemed, civil activist, Sil├¬man├«
54. Dr ┼×ori┼č Hesen, university lecturer, Sil├¬man├«
55. Yusif Hesen Ehmed, university lecturer, Kerk├╗k
56. Kiwêstan Mihemed Ebdulla, former MP, Silêmanî
57. Adil Ezîz, former MP, Silêmanî
58. Hêmin Baqir, university lecturer, Silêmanî
59. Aras Wehab, political activist, Denmark
60. Aram Ehmed, author and critic, the Netherlans
61. Perwa Elî, former MP, Silêmanî
62. Dr Umîd Heme Elî, former MP, Silêmanî
63. Feryad Heranî, journalist, Hewlêr
64. Soran Omer, PM, Silêmanî
65. Ge┼če Dara Hef├«d, former MP, Sil├¬man├«
66. Beyar Melazim Omer, political activist
67. Diyarî Enwer, PM, Silêmanî
68. Had├« Heme Re┼č├«d, civil activist
69. Niyaz Hamîd Brayim, author, Canada
70. Ebdulrezaq ┼×er├«f, author, Sil├¬man├«
71. Aram Mehmûd, journalist, Silêmanî
72. Kejal Hemere┼č├«d Fetah, political activist, Canada
73. Ednan Elî, journalist, Kerkûk
74. Usman Gulpî, political activist, Silêmanî
75. Reza Menûcêhrî, journalist, Silêmanî
76. S├«rwan Re┼č├«d, journalist, Sil├¬man├«
77. Rencder Gerawî, civil activist, Brussels
78. Mihemed Awat Heme Salih, journalist, Silêmanî
79. Herêm Mehmûd Semen, architect, Kelar
80. Yer├«van ┼×eh├«d ┼×aswar, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
81. Ara Îbrahîm, journalist, Silêmanî
82. Ebdulrehman Husên Ebabekir, former MP, Duhok
83. Felah Selah Xelîfe, political expert, Kerkûk
84. Hendrên Ferec Hewramî, journalist, Brussels
85. Hawjîn Zîba, journalist, Silêmanî
86. Refîq Xefûr Îsmaîl, political activist, Brussels
87. Salar Mehm├╗d, former PM, Germiyan
88. Necîbe Mehmûd Salih, journalist, Sweden
89. Arês Ebdûlla, author, Hewlêr
90. Mihemed Kiyanî, former PM, Hewlêr
91. Çinûr Elî, civil and political activist, Silêmanî
92. Gorran Kemal Îbrahîm, political activist, Hewlêr
93. Aso Cebbar, author, United States
94. Kinêr Ebdulla, political activist, Silêmanî
95. Ehsen Ebdulkerîm Mustafa, translator, Switzerland
96. Erdelan ┼×├¬x Fatih Berzenc├«, lawyer and journalist, Sil├¬man├«
97. Ceza Ehmed Heme Elî, official, Silêmanî
98. Selah Mihemed Emîn, civil and political activist, Germiyan
99. Beyan Ez├«z Re┼č├«d, official, Sil├¬man├«
100. ┼×ukrulla Hemed Em├«d Sey├«d, civil activist, Hewl├¬r
101. Kosret Ehmed Hemed, teacher, Hewlêr
102. Sirwe Usman Mustafa, author and teacher, Hewlêr
103. J├«no Re┼č├«d Meerof, feminist activist, Sil├¬man├«
104. Hêmin Mehmûd, journalist, Silêmanî
105. ┼×iwan Ebdulla Hemed, university lecturer, Sil├¬man├«
106. Elî Mehmûd Mihemed, political activist, Hewlêr
107. ┼×├«ma Ednan Salih, activist, Germiyan
108. Ser├žil Mihemed Ehemed, civil activist, Finland
109. Hêmin Hamid Salih, former freedom fighter, Sweden
110. Hîwa Ehmed, political activist, United Kingdom
111. Hîwa Ebdulezîz Mihemed, political activist, Kerkûk
112. Remezan Heme Salih, teacher and journalist, Silêmanî
113. Ferîq Hebîb, journalist, Silêmanî
114. Ha┼čim Cem├«l, media speaker, Sil├¬man├«
115. Ebdulla Mîrweys Hesen, engineer, Kerkûk
116. Hus├¬n Bayz├«d Re┼č├«d, intellectual, Kerk├╗k
117. Foad Kerîm Hekîm, journalist, Kerkûk
118. Ebdulstar Mustafa Pa┼ča, legal advisor, Kerk├╗k
119. Kesas Cebbarî, university professor, Kerkûk
120. Mihemed Mustafa, engineer, Kerk├╗k
121. Ferhad Ebdulrehman, official, Kerk├╗k
122. Aram Ehmed, intellectual, Kerk├╗k
123. Kurdo Rehman, lawyer, Kerk├╗k
124. Muzefer Fatih ┼×ukur, engineer, Kerk├╗k
125. Burhan El├« Derw├¬┼č, university lecturer
126. Mihemed Xerîb Silêman, engineer, Kerkûk
127. Rustem Ebdulla, engineer, Kerk├╗k
128. Azad Mihemed, p├¬┼čmerge, Kerk├╗k
129. Nizar Usman, engineer, Kerk├╗k
130. Xalîd Qadir Mihemed, civil society activist, Raniye
131. Aso Feqê Hesen, activist, Norway
132. ├çetoy Beranet├«, former p├¬┼čmerge, Hewl├¬r
133. Hemîd Letîf Teha, civil activist, Raniye
134. Birryar Celal Meerof, journalist, Silêmanî
135. Letîf Haris, lawyer, Raniye
136. Bêstûn Jaleyî, civil activist, Germiyan
137. Serwîn Omer Mewlûd, health researcher, Hewlêr
138. Gulîzar Selîm Kerîm Muzef, civil activist, Hewlêr
139. Kerîm Kake Ehmed Mam Qadir, journalist, Hewlêr
140. Zekeriya Mihemed Seyîd Ebûbekir, official, Helebce
141. ┼×├«r├«n Kemal Mihemed, lawyer, Sil├¬man├«
142. Niyaz Nejad, researcher at Manchester University
143. Jiyan Omer Mehmûd, lawyer, Silêmanî
144. Razaw Mehmûd Ferec, civil activist, Silêmanî
145. Bir├«wan ┼×aho, journalist, Sil├¬man├«
146. Ferhad Re┼čad, journalist, Hewl├¬r
147. N├«┼čt├«man Kemal ├Äbrah├«m, political activist, Hewl├¬r
148. Perêz Omer, civil activist, Hewlêr
149. Ebbas Qadir Ebullah, legalist, Hewlêr
150. Berzan ┼×elal Ehmed, teacher, Hewl├¬r
151. Birrwa Resûl Ehmed, university lecturer, Hewlêr
152. Helmet Simayîl Ewlla, retired, Hewlêr
153. Dr. Dara Mihemed Cemîl, Silêmanî University
154. Selah Re┼č├«d, author, Sil├¬man├«
155. Arezû Ebdulxaliq Hesen, poet, Silêmanî
156. Ferman Hesen Ehmed, lawyer, Silêmanî
157. Dilêr Mihemed Nûrî, author, Norway
158. Tiwana Fazil Mihemed, author and poet, Silêmanî
159. Ebdulxaliq Omer Mehmûd, poet and authoer, Silêmanî
160. Heval Mihemed, journalist, Silêmanî
161. Ekber Hesen, civil researcher, Silêmanî
162. Kasman Ehmed Remezan, labourer, Island
163. Newzad Salih Mihemed, activist, Silêmanî
164. Hîwa Musa Rehîm, teacher, Derbendîxan
165. Newzad Sabir Mihemed, intellectual, Derbendîxan
166. Ako Qadir Heme, sociologist, Derbendîxan
167. Em├«r Ehmed├«, journalist, Qami┼člo
168. Ho┼čeng Hesen, journalist, journalist, Hesek├¬
169. Z├¬wer ┼×├¬xo, journalist, Qami┼člo
170. Alan Meey├«┼č, journalist, Derbesiy├¬
171. Mihemed Sêdo, journalist, Kobanê
172. Wehbî Romî, journalist, Kobanê
173. Dilv├«n Ezem, journalist, Qami┼člo
174. ┼×iyar Tariq Kakere┼č, businessman, Sil├¬man├«
175. Karzan Omer Mehmûd, poet, Silêmanî
176. Hogir Kemal Teha, journalist, Silêmanî
177. Daw├╗d ├ç├«├žek, journalist, Sil├¬man├«
178. Hêmin Hesen, journalist, Silêmanî
179. Dr Çiya Ebbas, political activist, Holland
180. Rr├╗xo┼č Ehmed, lawyer, Sil├¬man├«
181. Soz Baban, civil activist, Silêmanî
182. R├¬bwar Re┼č├«d, co-chair of the Kurdistan National Congress, Sweden
183. Benaz Elî, association of liberationist women, United Kingdom
184. Dr Serdar Sabir Sof, academic
185. Dr Ebbas Mustefa Ebbas, university lecturer, Silêmanî
186. Elî Mustefa Salih, author and political observer, Duhok
187. Ako Ebdulmecîd Seyîd, educator, Silêmanî
188. Behmen Tahir Nerîman, author and analyst, Silêmanî
189. Edalet Ebdulla, author and academic, Silêmanî
190. ┼×├«lan Mihemed, political observer
191. Burhan Qeredaxî, artist author and activist, Silêmanî
192. Jiwan Qeredaxî, journalist
193. Supas Selam Re┼č├«d, university lecturer, Sil├¬man├«
194. Mihemed Herîrî, author and translator, United Kingdom
195. Dil┼čad Xo┼čnaw, journalist, Germany
196. Viyan Mayî, cinema staff, Duhok
197. Diyar Mihemed, journalist
198. Cebbar Ezîz, journalist and poet
199. Selman Ko├žer├«, journalist and activist
200. Hello Mergeyî, journalist
201. Dr Îbrahîm Omer Sadiq, university lecturer
202. Pi┼čt├«wan Ferec, university lecturer, advisor and researcher
203. Bêsitûn Ebdûlrehman, financial expert, Silêmanî University
204. Beyan Ez├«z Re┼č├«d, official, Sil├¬man├«
205. Birryar Nam├«q Heme Xur┼č├«d, journalist, Sil├¬man├«
206. Bextiyar Nam├«q ┼×arez├╗r├«, author and journalist
207. Foad Reh├«m Mih├¬d├«n, former p├¬┼čmerge, United States
208. ┼×ah├«d Hemereza Hemeker├«m, official, Sil├¬man├«
209. Bextiyar Omer Ferec, official, Silêmanî
210. Dr Selah Germiyan, psychology researcher, Australia
211. Nexede El├« Re┼č├«d, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
212. Ziryan Sabir Girdazebanî, labourer, Silêmanî
213. Aras Mihemed Xerîb, retired, Silêmanî
214. Omer Mihemed Qadir, official Silêmanî
215. Mihemed Kerîm Mihemed, retired, Silêmanî
216. Jîr Aras Mihemed, student, Silêmanî
217. Leniya Aras Mihemed, official, Silêmanî
218. Lawend Aras Mihemed, student, Silêmanî
219. Bextiyar Ebdulrehman Fetah, official, Silêmanî
220. Newzad Mec├«d ┼×er├«f, official, Sil├¬man├«
221. Aras Salih Ebdulkerîm, activist, Sweden
222. Tahir Rehîm, author, Germany
223. ┼×├«lan Eta Cemal, university lecturer
224. Nasik ┼×ukur Let├«f, researcher, Sil├¬man├«
225. Luqman Hesen, political observer, Silêmanî
226. Kurdo Rehman Mihemed, lawyer, Silêmanî
227. Dr Qadir Mustefa Qadir, university lecturer
228. Dr Perêz Fetah, university lecturer, Kerkûk
229. Dr Ehmed Mihemed, university lecturer, Kerk├╗k
230. Dr N├«┼čt├«man Hesen, university lecturer, Kerk├╗k
231. Fexredîn Germiyanî, poet and author, Australia
232. Rizgar Mihemed Seyîd, labourer, Kerkûk
233. Silêman Hesen Elî, labourer, Kerkûk
234. Nîhad Subhî Îsmaîl, labourer, Kerkûk
235. Îmad Neyîme Emîn, labourer, Kerkûk
236. Nebîl Nîmet Emîn, labourer, Kerkûk
237. Har├╗n ┼×ukur Mihemed, official, Kerk├╗k
238. Sazan Xelîl Îbrahîm, lawyer, Kerkûk
239. Milko Nesredîn Mihemed, labourer, Kerkûk
240. Karzan Nazim Rehîm, labourer, Kerkûk
241. Nîzam Ebdulrehman, labourer, Kerkûk
242. Helmet Mihemed Nesredîn, labourer, Kerkûk
243. Edîb Nîmet Edîb, labourer, Kerkûk
244. Karzan Yasîn Mecîd, engineer, Kerkûk
245. Reof Sedulla Mihêdîn, expert in Kurdish literature, Kerkûk
246. Îsmaîl Enwer Usman, official, Kerkûk
247. Omer Ebdulla Hewêz, official, Hewlêr
248. Selam Ez├«z ┼×iwan├«, teacher, Kerk├╗k
249. Nesredîn Ebdulrehman Weis, university lecturer, Kerkûk
250. Mihemed Seyîd Kerîm, teacher, Kerkûk
251. ┼×iko Mihemed Eb├«d, civil activist, Kerk├╗k
252. Selahedîn Zingen, retired, Kerkûk
253. Beyman Husên Mehmûd, civil activist, Kerkûk
254. Aram Omer Reza, civil activist, Kerk├╗k
255. Erdelan Babab, intellectual, Kerk├╗k
256. Elî Mustefa Kerîm author and journalist, Germany
257. Qadir Nadir, author and human rights activist
258. ┼×il├¬r Ebdulmec├«d, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
259. Rr├╗nak ┼×iwan├«, author and translator,
260. Aso Biyareyî, psychologist, Sweden
261. Gorran Helebceyî, journalist, Denmark
262. Ferhad Cehenman, university lecturer, Sweden
263. Beyan Nasih, social affairs advisor
264. Ednan Elî, journalist
265. Namo El├« Xur┼č├«d, Sweden
266. Serwer Elî, environmental activist
267. Çinûr Emîn, social worker, Sweden
268. Çoman Ehmed Herdî, university lecturer, Silêmanî
269. Serde┼čit Ebdulrehman, author
270. Em├«r ┼×er├«f, feminist activist
271. Kawe Mihemed Emîn, legalist
272. Soran Husên, journalist
273. Mano Berzencî, member of executive board of Kurdipedia
274. Benaz Kerîm, feminist activist, Silêmanî
275. Peywend Mehm├╗d, university lecturer
276. Ebdulrehman Ebdulla Ewil, political activist, Kerk├╗k
277. Ehmed Ezîz, political activist, Kerkûk
278. Let├«f Fatih Ferec, author, ├çem├žemal
279. Sitar Arif, journalist, Silêmanî
280. ├çil├žira Sey├«d Ehmed, company staff, Sil├¬man├«
281. Hellale ┼×ewket Lihon├«, Jin-TV correspondent,
282. A┼čt├« Ebdulla, author and journalist, Sil├¬man├«
283. Hêmin Berzencî, member of author association, Silêmanî
284. Ekrem Xerîb, author and political expert, Silêmanî
285. Rrotar Ekrem Xerîb, company staff, Silêmanî
286. Saman Mecîd, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
287. ┼×├«lan Mustefa Mehm├╗d, intellectual, Sil├¬man├«
288. ┼×├«rwan Celal, member of Q-Net Company, Sil├¬man├«
289. A┼čt├« Mehm├╗d, member of Q-Net Company, Sil├¬man├«
290. Serdar Hemîd, painter, Germiyan
291. Bêsaran Mecîd, painter and member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
292. Xende Ebûbekir, painter and member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
293. Elend Erselan, painter and member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
294. Dilawer Muzefer Ferhad, general practitioner, Silêmanî
295. Mihemed Emîn Elî, author and university lecturer, Silêmanî
296. Hejar Celal, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
297. Çiro Seyîd, public servant, Silêmanî
298. ┼×aho El├«, activist, Kerk├╗k
299. Fetah Zaxoyî, activist, Canada
300. Aram Hadî Ehmed, journalist, Silêmanî
301. Dilsoz ┼×ef├«q, official
302. Soma Azad, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
303. Bawan ┼×ewket, member of Q-Net Company, Sil├¬man├«
304. Sûrên Azad, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
305. Jiyan Elî, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
306. Dilêr Îbrahîm, author and activist, Silêmanî
307. Kawan Qadir, sculptor, Canada
308. Hekîm Mîrza, poet, Sweden
309. Kawe Kerkûkî, labourer, United Kingdom
310. Mariya Ehmed, photographer, United Kingdom
311. Xalîd Silêman, journalist
312. Xeraman Cebbar Xefûr, doctor, Silêmanî
313. ┼×├¬rzad Yas├«n, teacher
314. Tirîfe Elî, Silêmanî
315. Ceza Ehmed Qadir, library expert, Silêmanî
316. ┼×├«r├«n Direy├«, university lecturer, Sil├¬man├«
317. Kiwêstan Ebdulrehman, activist, Silêmanî
318. Aso ┼×├¬x Kemal, author and poet, Sil├¬man├«
319. Artîn Ebbasî, teacher, East Kurdistan
320. Baxan Mihemed, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
321. Tenya Kerîm, member of Q-Net Company, Silêmanî
322. Peyam Semîn, statistician, Silêmanî
323. Mela Ferman, political activist, Kerk├╗k
324. Karwan Îzeddîn Seyîd, teacher, Sweden
325. Azad Qadir Re┼č├«d, health staff, Germiyan
326. Dana Hamid, journalist, Helebce
327. Mêhdî Salih Ferhan, university lecturer, Koye
328. Kirmanc Gundî, university professor, United States
329. Kawe Rehîm Qadir, university lecturer, Silêmanî
330. Serkewit Kawe Rehîm, university student, United States
331. P├¬┼črew Kawe Reh├«m, university student, Sil├¬man├«
332. Polla Kawe Rehîm, student, Silêmanî
333. Ebdulrehman Qadir Xefûr, lawyer, Silêmanî
334. Nizîr Birwarî, political activist, Duhok
335. Yasîn Xulebûk, political observer, Germany
336. Ekrem Xalid Ebdulrehman, student, Duhok
337. A┼čna El├« Mihemed Em├«n, official, Sil├¬man├«
338. Keyfî Kurdistan, poet and author, Hewlêr
339. Nig├«n ┼×├¬xul├«slam├«, political activist, Sweden
340. Kamran Berwarî, university lecturer, Dohuk
341. Aso Viyan, member of Kurdistan Democratic Society, Helsinki
342. Hawniyaz Mihemed Heme Seyîd, teacher, Silêmanî
343. Herdî Ehmed, civil activist, Silêmanî
344. Mêhreban Elî, health staff, Silêmanî
345. Sara Usman Nûrî, artist, Silêmanî
346. Dr Husên Mihemed Ezîz, author, Silêmanî University
347. Dr Ehmed Behaddîn Seyîd Elî, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
348. Dr Rizgar Mihemed Raof, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
349. Dr Awat Ehmed Fiqî Mihemed, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
350. Dr Awat Elî Husên, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
351. Dr Amanc Eldî Husên, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
352. M. Merîwan Hesen Mihemed, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
353. M. Teniya Hesen Mihemed, Sport Faculty, Silêmanî University
354. Dr Zerde┼čt Mihemed Raof, Sport Faculty, Sil├¬man├« University
355. Heme ┼×iwan Kemal, civil activist, Sil├¬man├«
356. De┼čt├« El├«, doctor, Sil├¬man├«
357. Fatime Husên, official, Silêmanî
358. Newzad Alanî, activist, Denmark
359. Aso Usman Qadir, legalist
360. Rêwas Ehmed Qadir, author and teacher, Sweden
361. Huner Tofîq, author, Silêmanî
362. Usman Hesen, lawyer, Silêmanî
363. Awat Mehm├╗d Ehmed, journalist
364. Dr Sîvan Seyîd, university lecturer, United Kingdom
365. Rêbaz Mustefa Ceefer, translator
366. Karwan Mihemed, journalist, Silêmanî
367. H├«┼čo Cemal Ebdulla, feminist activist, Germany
368. Dil┼čad Baban├«, political observer, Sil├¬man├«
369. Serdar Ebdulla Heme, author and political activist, Helebce
370. Simko Sabir, journalist, Germiyan
371. Rabiye Ebbas Qasim, doctor and activist, Xaneqîn
372. Hawrrê Krêkar, journalist, Kelar
373. Ser├ž├«n Salih, journalist, Kelar
374. Botan Germiyan, journalist, Kelar
375. ┼×├«r├«n Ker├«m Murad, sociologist, United States
376. Zengîn Ebûbekir Elî, researcher, Silêmanî
377. Aware Hesen, university lecturer, Helebce
378. Yusuf Mihemed Elî, activist, France
379. Rrêbwar Brayim, teacher, Germany
380. Serde┼čt Ebdulla, civil activist, Germany
381. Hawkar Fazil, theatre artist, Hewlêr
382. Rrencder Girawî, human rights activist, Belgium
383. Sozdar Ehmed, activist, Hewlêr
384. Pi┼čt├«wan Gellal├«, labourer, Germany
385. Ehmed Re┼č├«d Kerk├╗k├«, computer expert, Germany
386. Merîwan Pênciwênî, retired, Denmark
387. Tahir Amed, political refugee, Germany
388. Serkewt Baban, civil activist, Silêmanî
389. Karo Alanî, civil activist, London
390. Dana Esker, author, Kerk├╗k
391. Rraber Rre┼č├«d, author, Kerk├╗k
392. Burhan Hacî Silêman, author, Kerkûk
393. Serdar Mihemed, journalist, Silêmanî
394. Fetah Mustefa Heme Emîn, activist, Hewlêr
395. Çalak Sofî Fetah, poet, Silêmanî
396. Husên Letîf, Derbendîxan
397. Hêmin Bindawe, activist, Brussels
398. A┼čt├« Omer Xef├╗r, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sweden
399. Elî Mihemed Kerîm, politician, Holand
400. Zimnako Îsmaîl, journalist and photographer, Silêmanî
401. Rêbaz Hesen Qadire, journalist, Kerkûk
402. Hawrê Fereydûn, journalist, Kerkûk
403. Kazim Ker├«m Rre┼č├«d, teacher and civil activist, Sil├¬man├«
404. Arî Ehmed Rrehîm, teacher, teacher, Silêmanî
405. Karwan Îbrahîm, civil society activist, Silêmanî
406. Aram Kerkûkî, political activist, Kerkûk
407. Çalak Kakebira, political activist, Kerkûk
408. Zamdar Xidir, political activist, Kerk├╗k
409. Diyar ┼×akir, political activist, Kerk├╗k
410. Dana Qadir Ezîz, teacher, Silêmanî
411. Yusuf Usman Ezîz, political observer, Hewlêr
412. Talib Rresûl, teacher, Silêmanî
413. Mehdî Ebûbekir, journalist and university lecturer, Silêmanî
414. Hêvî Emîn, doctor, Sweden
415. Tara Tiwana, member of regional assembly from the social democrats, Sweden
416. Kardo Seyîd, musician, Sweden
417. Çîmen Bomba, teacher and author
418. Cebbar Usman, novelist, Silêmanî
419. Nacî Mustefa Mihemed, teacher, Duhok
420. Umîd Salih, teacher, Silêmanî
421. Bellên Salih, journalist, United States
422. Luqman Xef├╗r, journalist, United States
423. Salar Siweylî, Gorran representative, United States
424. Gorran Dûkanî, activist and journalist, United States
425. Heyder Kerîm, engineer, United States
426. Eyhiyar Berzencî, journalist, United States
427. Kawe Hesen, translator, United States
428. Newzad Kerîm, political activist, United States
429. Bextiyar Ehemed, lawyer, United States
430. Kallê Mukrî, feminist activist, United States
431. Azar Salar, doctor, United States
432. Nejad Siweylî, political activist, Canada
433. Kemal Servest, economist, Spain
434. Fetah Ehmed├«, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sweden
435. Usman Omer Seyîd, retired, Silêmanî
436. Usman Nesrewit, artist, United States
437. Hellgurd Semed, journalist, France
438. Nebez Heme Kake Tofîq, political activist, Germany
439. Serwer Heme Emîn Marif, retired, Silêmanî
440. Sakar Ebdulla, journalist, Axceler
441. Dîmen Mihemed Berzencî, activist, Silêmanî
442. Burhan Mihemed Berzencî, author, Kerkûk
443. Heme Seyîd, author, Kerkûk
444. Sam├« Sat├«, lawyer, ├çem├žemal
445. Kameran Ebdullah, teacher, ├çem├žemal
446. Peyman Nûrî, teacher, Silêmanî
447. Ehmed Qadir Mihemed, author, Silêmanî
448. Mexdîd Hacî, university lecturer, Hewlêr
449. Perwîn Hesen, feminist and human rights activist, Silêmanî
450. Çoman Usman, journalist, Helebce
451. Sinûr Kerîm Mihemed, teacher and civil right activist, Silêmanî
452. Ho┼čiyar Ebdulla Hesen, official, Sil├¬man├«
453. Arî Ebbas Qadir, university lecturer, Silêmanî
454. Mihemed Bekir Kerîm, teacher and author, Silêmanî
455. Kiwêstan Ezîz Mihemed, teacher and trainer, Silêmanî
456. Semîre Elî Hesen, teacher and journalist, Silêmanî
457. Kameran Cemal Heme Necîb, political prisoner, Silêmanî
458. Salar Qadir Mîrza, labourer, Silêmanî
459. Çîmen Omer Arif, official, Dukan
460. Mihemed Hemereza Heme Emîn, teacher, Silêmanî
461. ┼×├«r├«m Bekir Omer, health staff, Sil├¬man├«
462. Usman Elî Heme Emîn, teacher, Silêmanî
463. Dilawer Heyder Ebid Mihemed, lawyer, Silêmanî
464. Aram Ebbas Qadir, Silêmanî
465. Tara Bayîz Kerîm, teacher, Silêmanî
466. Naze Fetah Silêman, civil activist, Silêmanî
467. Berhem Ebbas Qadir, lawyer, Silêmanî
468. ┼×adan Ewerrehman Sallih, social researcher, Sil├¬man├«
469. Çalak Mihemed, activist and website operator
470. Aram Hacî, legalist, Silêmanî
471. Rrûbar Ehmed Ebdulla, teacher, Silêmanî
472. Usman Îsmaîl, legalist and academic, United Kingdom
473. Saziyan Talib Sallih, journalist and feminist activist, Silêmanî
474. ┼×allaw Mehm├╗d Sallih, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
475. Qasim Ebdulla Merzanî, university lecturer, Hewlêr
476. Bayîz Ezîz, religious teacher, Holland
477. Aso Cewher, journalist
478. Luqman Heyder, former p├¬┼čmerge
479. Luqman Hesen Heme, teacher, Silêmanî
480. Îdrîs Îbrahîm Gellalleyî, civil activist
481. Berhem Letîf, journalist, Silêmanî
482. Ezîz Kerîm, journalist, Silêmanî
483. Jiyar Emînî, technician, Germany
484. Hêmin Ehmed Horînî, activist
485. Kawe Areb Neccar, teacher, Sweden
486. Cume Kerîm Mihemed, painter, Germiyan
487. Hawrrê Kawe, journalist, Silêmanî
488. Karwan Seyîd, teacher, Sweden
489. Karwan Hesen Husên, teacher, Helebce
490. Karwan Ezîz Seyîd, teacher, Sweden
491. Diyarî Fereydûn, poet and journalist, Silêmanî
492. Kemal Heme Elî Ebdulla, engineer, United Kingdom
493. Hes├«b Pi┼čder├«, journalist, Finland
494. Azad Qadir Rre┼č├«d, health staff, Kifr├«
495. Ebdulla Rreh├«m Kake Ebdulla, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sil├¬man├«
496. Newrozî Mangir, civil activist and poet, Silêmanî
497. ┼×iwan Celal, teacher, Germiyan
498. ┼×├¬rwan Mih├¬dd├«n, Kerk├╗k, pharmacist, Kerk├╗k
499. Goran Ebdulla Tof├«q, former p├¬┼čmerge and political activist, United Kingdom
500. Hevre ┼×iwan Hesen, law student, Hewl├¬r
501. Bêrîvan Elî, journalist, Silêmanî
502. Barzan Mihemed Sûre, author and teacher, Çoman
503. Serwer Ebdulkerîm Silêman, retired, Silêmanî
504. Dil┼čad Enwer El├«, journalist, Germiyan
505. Teha Emîn Helledinî, official, Sweden
506. Dana Necmeddîn Ehmed, teacher, Helebce
507. Lêzan Bekir, activist, Koye
508. Hello Xaneqînî, journalist, Hewlêr
509. Hîwa Omer Teha, retired, Hewlêr
510. Îbrahîm Ebbas, journalist, Hewlêr
511. Soran Mihemed Zengene, engineer, Germiyan
512. H├«wa Mec├«d Fetah, teacher, ├çem├žemal
513. Nazdar Sallih, teacher, United Kingdom
514. Fereydûn Sofî, official, Kerkûk
515. Cêgir Cewad, labourer, Koye
516. Karwan Elî, Silêmanî
517. Sinûr Zirza, teacher, Çoman
518. Karwan Hesen, translator, Helebce
519. Rrêbîn Celal, Soran
520. Serdem Kurdistanî, engineer, Silêmanî
521. Xalîd Mustefa, activist, Raniye
522. Aram Qadir Sabir, university lecturer, Raperrîn
523. Hawar Goran, teacher, Sweden
524. Qadir Mihemed, oficial, Silêmanî
525. P├¬┼črrew Germiyan├«, official, Sweden
526. Hawjîn Newzad, labourer, Pênciwên
527. Azad Mukrî, liberationist, United States
528. Goran Kemal, student, Germany
529. Soran Hesen Mihemed, labourer, Helebce
530. ┼×├¬rwan Ebdulwehab Hesen, political activist, Hewl├¬r
531. Cewher Mêrawdelî, author
532. ┼×ine Sed├«q, philosophy student
533. Hejar Hesen Ehmed Faris, labourer, Silêmanî
534. Cume Kanî Leleyî, author, Teqteq
535. ┼×ehla Kazim Mihemed, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
536. ┼×ehla Kazim Mihemed, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
537. Fahim Cemal Zorab, nurse, Kerk├╗k
538. Seywan Rustem, feminist activist, Silêmanî
539. Îdrîs Ebdulla Mehmûd, teacher, Qeladizê
540. Bir├╗sk C├╗d┼č, former p├¬┼čmerge, Ireland
541. Kurdo Cemal, official
542. ┼×├«ma Ednan, activist, Germiyan
543. Îxlas Sallih, official, Sweden
544. Xesrew Mihemed, labourer, Germany
545. Adem Eskender, labourer, Hewlêr
546. T├¬ko┼čer Hus├¬n, teacher, Raniye
547. Jîno Xelîl, journalist, Kelar
548. Eyad Mihemed, journalist, Kelar
549. ┼×erm├«n El├«, journalist, Kelar
550. Leylar Ehmed, journalist, Kelar
551. Serwer Qeredaxî, environmental activist
552. Yasîn Elî Sallih, businessman, Silêmanî
553. Ehmed Zahir Mihemed, lawyer and activist, Silêmanî
554. Kawe Husên, engineer, Sweden
555. Meryem Fethî, feminist activist, the Basque Country
556. Cemîle Kerîmî, political activist, Germany
557. Farûq Ebdulla, Silêmanî
558. Ebdulxaliq Enwer, United Kingdom
559. Goran Metîn, activist
560. Selam Rrehîm, Kelar
561. Sur├ž├« Nadir Mehm├╗d, student, ├çiwarqurrne
562. ┼×ikar Ehmed Hor├¬n├¬, Binar├« Bemo
563. ┼×ad├« Semed Kakememed, Teacher, Raniye
564. Serdar Melîhe, civil activist, Kelar
565. Goran Sallih, civil activist, Kelar
566. Rramîn Zendiya Mihemed Emîn, teacher, Sine
567. Mesûd Fethî, poet, Germany
568. ┼×abaz Mehm├╗d, political activist, Mexm├╗r
569. Mihemed Hemîd, political activist, Silêmanî
570. Mîran Yasîn Mihemed Elî, labourer, Kerkûk
571. Heme Bekir, Musician, Holland
572. Saman Nuh, member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)
573. Dr Ha┼čim Mihemed Sey├«d Z├¬bar, member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)
574. Rr├╗nak Ehmed, member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), Germany
575. J├«la ┼×atwan├«, engineer, Germany
576. S├«wan El├« Mihemed, p├¬┼čmerge, Kifr├«
577. Selaheddîn Rrefîq, retired lieutenant, Holland
578. Newzad Mustefa Husên, health employee, Kelar
579. Sefîn Ebdulcebar Sabir, Silêmanî
580. Luqman Hekîm Rrehîm, university lecturer, Helebce
581. Zaniyar Bextiyar Kerîm, university lecturer, Helebce
582. Seedî Hesen Baram, university lecturer, Helebce
583. Dr Perî Sallih Muftî, former MP, Koye
584. Dr Setar Mustefa Feqê Mustefa, university lecturer, Hewlêr
585. Ebdulrrehman Elîrreza, author, Silêmanî
586. Ako Raof, labourer, Sweden
587. Mihemed Hemîd, teacher, Kelar
588. Xo┼čnaw Necmedd├«n ┼×er├«f, engineer, Sil├¬man├«
589. Arrall Kakill, journalist, Finland
590. Teha Ehmed, labourer, Derbendîxan
591. Hesen Fetah Hesen, labourer, Seyîd Sadiq
592. Mihemed Tofîq Mihemed, teacher, Silêmanî
593. Newzad Fihad Hemîd, teacher, Kelar
594. ┼×iwan├« Ebdulsitar, educator, Norway
595. Eyub Heme Xerîb, labourer, Kelar
596. Awat Mihemed Elî, labourer, Silêmanî
597. Rrêbwar Mihemed, doctor, Koye
598. Hîwa Omer, journalist
599. Bextiyar Emîn Mustefa, labourer
600. Behar Omer Qadir, teacher, Silêmanî
601. Beyan Hesen Seyîd, official, Silêmanî
602. Nalî Ekrem Mihemed, student, Silêmanî
603. Pirr┼čing Ehmed Ker├«m, official, Sil├¬man├«
604. Sara Îbrahîm Kerîm, student, Silêmanî
605. Ebûbekir Mecîd Meerof, doctor assistance, Silêmanî
606. ┼×in├¬ Xef├╗r Mihemed, musician, Sil├¬man├«
607. Suheyle Omer Seyîd, activist, Silêmanî
608. Hemey Ehmed Rresûl, sociologist, Silêmanî
609. Casimî Saz, artist, Silêmanî
610. Fewzê Ebdulkerî Heme Emîn, teacher, Silêmanî
611. Teha Mihemed Emîn, activist, Silêmanî
612. Enwer Heme Law Darta┼č, retired teacher, Sil├¬man├«
613. Kiwêstan Îsmaîl Mehmûd, teacher, Silêmanî
614. Seyîd Elî Letîf, labourer, Silêmanî
615. Mihemed Mehmûd, journalist, Silêmanî
616. Mutlib Qadir Sallih, official, Silêmanî
617. Merîwan Qadir Mehmûd, labourer, Canada
618. Soran Nerîman, teacher, Silêmanî
619. Kejall Îbrahîm Seyîd, teacher, Silêmanî
620. Selam Fatih Fetah, teacher, Silêmanî
621. Bendî Elî Hesen, author, Silêmanî
622. Usman Mihemed Wiso, p├¬┼čmerge, Sil├¬man├«
623. Newroz Fazil Mihemed, labourer, Silêmanî
624. Ho┼čiyar Ebdulla, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
625. Sîrwan Serdar Hesen, teacher, Silêmanî
626. Perwîn Mustefa Necîb, official, Silêmanî
627. Burhan Ehemed, teacher, Silêmanî
628. Rêbwar Mihemed Heme Sallih, labourer, Silêmanî
629. Dr Cebbar Mîranî, university lecturer and civil activist, East Kurdistan
630. Dr Îsmaîl Mehmûdî, teacher and journalist, East Kurdistan
631. Dr Azad Hacî Aqayî, teacher and author, East Kurdistan
632. Dr Mehm├╗d Mubarek┼čay├«, teacher and author, East Kurdistan
633. Dr Sîrwan Xusrewzade, analyst and translator, East Kurdistan
634. Ednan Hesenp├╗r, cultural activist and translator, East Kurdistan
635. Dr Azad Ellakeremî, university lecturer, East Kurdistan
636. Nasir Rostemzade, university lecturer, East Kurdistan
637. Dr Mihemed Kerîm Mihemedî, author and teacher, East Kurdistan
638. De┼čt├« Yusuf Mec├«d, political activist, Sweden
639. Selam Ebdulla Îbrahîm, author, Xaneqîn
640. Seher Hesen, housewife, Kelar
641. Mihemed Ehmed El├«, p├¬┼čmerge, Am├¬d├¬
642. Ho┼čeng Yusif├«, political activist, Norway
643. Seyîd Senendecî, human rights activist
644. Sir├╗┼č Hellebcey├«, lawyer and journalist, Sil├¬man├«
645. Terze Ezîz, artist, United Kingdom
646. Namo Mec├«d ┼×er├«f, civil activist
647. Qanie Ebdulla Rre┼č├«d, health employee, Koye
648. Heyder Heme Kerîm, worker, Austria
649. Kameran Mustefa, driver, Germany
650. ┼×├«r├«n Ebdulwahid, activist, Sil├¬man├«
651. ┼×orri┼č Heme Em├«n El├«, labourer, Germiyan
652. Nadir Cemayetî, worker, Germany
653. Mihemed Kerem Îsmaîl, labourer, Kelar
654. Ako Heyder Ekber, Rrizgarî district
655. Merîwan Honer, teacher, Hewlêr
656. Mehdî Elî Ebdulla, activist, Qelladizê
657. Sabir Ebdullrrehman Ewla, journalist and activist
658. Nebez Mihemed Minzir, official, Silêmanî
659. Mihemed Emîn Hesen, labourer, Silêmanî
660. Muhsên Heme, translator and activist, United Kingdom
661. Cîhad Hewramî, journalist, Helebce
662. Hejar Cemal Mihemed, p├¬┼čmerge
663. Hekîm Rreza, Silêmanî
664. Goran Teha, Canada
665. Ebdulla Çalak
666. Teha Heme, Qeredax
667. S├«wan El├« Mihemed, p├¬┼čmerge, Kirfr├«
668. ┼×ivan Cebbar, police
669. Nisret Çomanî, Hewlêr
670. Hawdeng Silêmanî, activist and liberationist, Silêmanî
671. Ferhad Ebdulla, retailer, Kerk├╗k
672. Aso Kosarî, teacher, Raniye
673. Mihemed Ehmedp├╗r, Sweden
674. Xidir Hesen-nejad, Norway
675. Mecîd Biyanî, retired, Kerkûk
676. Zana Omer, student, Kifrî
677. ┼×iwan ┼×ef├«q, author, member of the project ÔÇťwoman is life, donÔÇÖt kill itÔÇŁ.
678. H├¬ri┼č Talib Me┼č├«r, labourer, Sil├¬man├«
679. ┼×├«r├«n ├Őran├«, Norway
680. Hîwa Nasih, activist and journalist, Switzerland
681. Çiya Ebdulsitar Mihemed Emîn, official, Kerkûk
682. Nasik Ebdulla Ehmed, official, Kerk├╗k
683. Hello Ebdulsitar Mihemed Emîn, chief engineer, Kerkûk
684. Hîwa Dîlan, journalist and political activist, Brussels
685. Cemal Hacî, journalist, Germany
686. Diyar Bekir Kerîm, activist, Germany
687. Mehd├« Ebdulrrehman Mihemed, teacher, p├¬┼čmerge
688. Kanî Murad, student, United States
689. Hawrrê Nizar Îbrahîm, engineer, Hewlêr
690. Qasim ┼×├¬rwan├«, poet and legalist, Hewl├¬r
691. Behzad Pîrmsa, teacher, Sweden
692. Meryem Fethî, feminist activist, Spain
693. Birrwa Mehm├╗d, journalist, Baziyan
694. Ehmed Receb
695. Behzad Muhsîn, university lecturer, Hewlêr
696. ┼×amil Kamil Mec├«d, Xurmat├╗
697. Rrênas Newrozî, author, Belgium
698. Hêlan Çiya, activist, Duhok
699. Azad Yedulla, civil activist, Kelar
700. Mihemed Dara Mihemed, teacher, Kelar
701. Goran Elî Ebdulqadir, labourer, Derbendîxan
702. Sîwan Mihemed Mihemedemîn, housewife, Derbendîxan
703. Sozdar Ehmed, Soran
704. Nasiyar Mustefa Elî, journalist
705. Ferzane Erde┼č├«r├«, journalist, Germany
706. Elî Xelîl Hesen, author and journalist, Greece
707. Fexreddîn Ferecî, political prisoner
708. Serbest Nerîman, journalist and political activist
709. Birryar Mihemed, journalist
710. Ciwamêr Marabî, political activist
711. Hejar Enwer, journalist
712. Hîwa Seyîd Selîm, author and journalist
713. Mihemed Emînî, journalist
714. Hawar Sitar, journalist
715. H├«wa Xo┼čnaw, journalist
716. Celal Mihemedî, cultural activist
717. Dana Omer, journalist
718. Karwan Salar, journalist
719. Samall Ako, civil activist
720. Selah Seedî Seyîd, translator and journalist, Hewlêr
721. Mihemed Gora, journalist
722. Dersîm Oramar, journalist
723. Ha┼čim El├« Weys├«, author and translator, Germany
724. Tara Omer Encumen, programist, Holland
725. Ez├«z Ehmed Cebbar, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sil├¬man├«
726. Sebah Mec├«d Fetah, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sil├¬man├«
727. Xizir Ebbas Hemze, former p├¬┼čmerge, Babylon
728. Serdar Qadir ┼×├¬xe, journalist, Raniye
729. Husên Bazêrkî, activist, United States
730. Kejall Elî Rresûll, official, Silêmanî
731. Selam Mihemed, Denmark
732. Mihemed Hikmet, teacher, Silêmanî
733. Kejall Ebdulqadir, leading member of the project ÔÇťwoman is life, donÔÇÖt kill itÔÇŁ, Sil├¬man├«
734. Burkan New┼č├«rwan, labourer
735. ┼×allaw Mehm├╗d Sallih, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
736. Ravo ┼×er├«f, theatre artist, Zaxo
737. Umîd Ebdullahî, political activist, London
738. ┼×emall Cewdet Mustefa, translator, Canada
739. Bekir Ebdulla, civil activist, United Kingdom
740. Behzad Sil├¬vaney, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sweden
741. Edîb Mihemed Elî, engineer, Germany
742. Îbrahîm Heme Qadir, liberationist, Sweden
743. Hîwa Mihemed, author and journalist, Sweden
744. Aware Bi┼čar Teha, student, Dohuk
745. Wirya Heme Tahir, Sweden
746. Tirê Mehmûd, poet and journalist, Silêmanî
747. Germiyan Îbrahîm Mihemed, polis, Kelar
748. Soran Mustefa, teacher, Pîremegrûn
749. Kardo Sebah Ebdulla, student, Russia
750. Aryan Kemal, labourer, Sweden
751. Adem Berzencî, official, United States
752. Um├«d Debax├ž├«, political prisoner and computer engineer, Mehabad
753. Hesen Ehmed Xizir, teacher, Hewlêr
754. Çinûr Pênciwênî, member of RJAK, Pênciwên
755. Sergul Îzet Mustefa, activist, Silêmanî
756. Peryan Ehmed Zerde┼čt, journalist, Sil├¬man├«
757. Ehmed Zerde┼čt Mihemed, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
758. Ner├«man Ehmed Zerde┼čt, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
759. Rrêbîn Mehmûd Newzad, official, Silêmanî
760. Seyran Mihemed, feminist activist
761. Zîrek Mîre, painter, Silêmanî
762. Jiyar Cehanferd, author, Kirma┼čan
763. Bola ┼×├¬x Marf Berzenc├«, author, Sweden
764. Diyarî Mihemed, journalist, Silêmanî
765. Ferhad Goran, author, Kirma┼čan
766. ┼×ine Baba El├«, member of Metro Centre
767. Omer Elî Ezîz, teacher, Kerkûk
768. Diyar Muftî, lawyer, Hewlêr
769. Sir├╗┼čt Mihenperest, United Kingdom
770. Mer├«wan Zend├«, former p├¬┼čmerge, Hewl├¬r
771. Mehmûd Ebdulla Mehmûd, teacher, Qelladizê
772. Sabir Ebdulrrehman Ewlla, journalist and activist
773. Cemal Zariyî, journalist, Germany
774. Dr Cawîdan Kemal, doctor, Silêmanî
775. Mensûr Teyfûrî, author and PhD student, France
776. A┼čna Raof, artist, Sil├¬man├«
777. Xebat Seyîd Mihemed, activist, Germany
778. ├Äbrah├«m Feyzulla Rre┼č├«d, activist, Raniye
779. Esed Mihemed Ehmed, official, Silêmanî
780. Hîwa Muradî, activist, Norway
781. Kinêr Cemîl, political prisoner, Hewlêr
782. Mustefa ┼×├¬x Mihemed, journalist, ├çoman
783. Bextiyar Husên, university lecturer, Silêmanî
784. Ho┼čmen Celal, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
785. Rrewez Heme Sallih, activist, Silêmanî
786. Mesûd Babyî, author and translator, Silêmanî
787. Wîjdan Nûreddîn, teacher, Silêmanî
788. Newroz Mihêddîn, official, Silêmanî
789. Omer Mihemed Yunis, official, Silêmanî
790. Abid Mecîd Elî, artist, Silêmanî
791. Nejad ┼×imqarr, retired, Sil├¬man├«
792. Tiwana Ebdul Heme Ciwan, official, Silêmanî
793. Elî Colla, artist, Silêmanî
794. Merîwan Sallih Hîlmî, teacher, Silêmanî
795. Usman Elî Ehmed, teacher, Erbet
796. Kejall Elî Rresûll, official, Silêmanî
797. Kawe Zerîfî, Holland
798. Rrazaw Ebdulkerîm Silêman, teacher, Germany
799. Hêmin Cewher, teacher, Kerkûk
800. Ehmed Dîlan, Silêmanî
801. Bextiyar Ferec Hesen, labourer, Silêmanî
802. Ge┼čaw Mihemed Hesen, housewife, Sil├¬man├«
803. Bedel Berwarî, teacher
804. Dr S├╗ad Ebdulqadir
805. Dr Hode Ebdulqadir
806. Mihemed Hesen Berwarî, lawyer
807. Kirmanc Herkar, intellectual
808. Elî Hano, PM
809. Xalîd Husên, author
810. Dr Zêrvan Berwarî, university lecturer
811. Sitar Elî, artist
812. Cewher Ser├žemey├«, lawyer
813. Dr Rremezan Hemze
814. Dr Havên Mayî, university lecturer
815. Dillovan Zêbarî, journalist
816. Rrêvîng Yasîn, lawyer
817. Zozan Sallih Yusifî
818. Hekîm Bacilor, lawyer
819. Dillovan Berwarî, lawyer
820. Moyeyed Rrêkanî, political activist
821. ┼×ehla Bekir, teacher and feminist activist and member of the project ÔÇťwoman is life, donÔÇÖt kill itÔÇŁ, United Kingdom
822. Sem├«re Ebdulla Nadir, feminist activist and member of the project ÔÇťwoman is life, donÔÇÖt kill itÔÇŁ, Norway
823. Aram Heme Sey├«d, civil activist and member of the project ÔÇťwoman is life, donÔÇÖt kill itÔÇŁ, United Kingdom
824. ┼×├«wan ┼×ef├«q, poet and author and member of the project ÔÇťwoman is life, donÔÇÖt kill itÔÇŁ, Germany
825. Rrûbar Yusif Seyîd, women and children rights activist, Norway
826. Hana Îbrahîm, student, Norway
827. Ez├«z Mihemed, former p├¬┼čmerge, Holland
828. Kawe Hesen, former p├¬┼čmerge, Sweden
829. Hellgurd Ko├žer├«, activist, Botan
830. Xebat Seyîd Mihemed, activist, Germany
831. Esed Mihemed Ehmed, official, Silêmanî
832. Samî Biradost, activist
833. ┼×axewan Mamaxa, activist, United Kingdom
834. Dr Kawe Destûre, university lecturer, Silêmanî
835. Ako Akoy├«, former p├¬┼čmerge, Rewandiz
836. Niyaz Ebdulla, feminist activist and painter, Sweden
837. Ebdulqadir Seyîd, poet
838. ┼×orri┼č El├« Ubeydulla, teacher, Holland
839. Usman Rre┼č├«d Usman, social researcher, Holland
840. Mihemmed Usman Ehemed, university lecturer, Koye
841. Cume Kerîm, painter, Germiyan
842. Gullebax Celal Mihemed, activist
843. Gelaw├¬j Ha┼čim Mihemed, teacher
844. Azad Usman, journalist, Germiyan
845. Nigar Omer, journalist, Germiyan
846. Nede Bekir Qadir, lawyer, Silêmanî
847. Dr Rrizgar Xerîb, doctor, Silêmanî
848. Ediye Heme Sallih Rrehîm, teacher, Silêmanî
849. Ako Akoy├«, former p├¬┼čmerge, Rrewandiz
850. Kerîm Kake, Hewlêr
851. Îbrahîm Baban, journalist, Rrewandiz
852. Sabir Ebdulrrehman Ewlla Zendî, journalist and political activist, Hewlêr
853. Bextiyar Ferec Hesen, labourer, Silêmanî
854. Semiye Rreza Mihemed, nurse, Silêmanî
855. Perêz Sabir Heme Sallih, journalist and civil activist, Silêmanî
856. Aware Sitar Silêman, theatre artist and head of Kanî Gome Health Centre
857. Komar Ekber Hesen Mihemed, university lecturer, Germiyan
858. Dilêr Kerîm Mihemed, mathematic supervisor, Germiyan
859. Serkewt Kerîm Elî, teacher, Silêmanî
860. Perwîn Mihemed, activist, Germany
861. Celal Çiwartayî, journalist and member of KNK (Kurdistan National Congress), Holland
862. Derya Qadir, heath employee, Germiyan
863. Mela Tehsîn Germiyanî, author and journalist, Germany
864. Dilêr Kerîm, journalist, Germiyan
865. Elî Heme Sallih, civil activist, Germiyan
866. S├«rwan Ker├«m Ho┼čiyar, teacher, Kelar
867. Arezû Xefûr Murad Xan, social researcher, Silêmanî
868. Saman Ebûbekir Elî, author, Sweden
869. Wîjdan Nûreddîn Necmeddîn, teacher, Silêmanî
870. Zana Usman Mihemed, university lecturer, Silêmanî
871. Omer Ebdulla Husên, theatre director, Germiyan
872. Serdar Hemîd, painter, Germiyan
873. Sellah Mihemed, journalist, Germiyan
874. Dr Karzan Mihemed, university lecturer, Silêmanî
875. Nerîman Ehemed, political activist, Silêmanî
876. Luqman Heyder Rrostem, former p├¬┼čmerge and activist, Germiyan
877. Hev├«n Kemal ┼×a Mihemd, pain-killing expert, Sil├¬man├«
878. Nehro Xaneqînî, activist, United Kingdom
879. Husên Ezîz, journalist, Germiyan
880. Serkewt ┼×ed├«d Ker├«m, teacher, Sil├¬man├«
881. Sîrwan Kerîm Babacan, civil activist, Kelar
882. Aso Nerîman Sibhan, university lecturer, Germiyan
883. Ge┼čb├«r ehemed, author, Sil├¬man├«
884. Îdrîs Sabir, activist, Norway
885. Karwan Mihemed Rre┼č├«d, engineer and activist
886. Bextiyar Hesen Xizir, teacher and civil activist and member of Discontect Teacher of Raperrîn Region, Raniye
887. Mihemed Ebbas, world peace ambassador, Duhok
888. Bextiyar Xizir Ebdulla, engineer, Raniye
889. Necîbe Omer, political activist, Silêmanî
890. Rrizgar Hacî Hemîd, author, Kelar
891. Nasik Wahîd Mehmûd, activist and journalist, Silêmanî