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Turkish soldiers exploded bombs on Hakkari village road and killed 10 civilians

Statement 16.09.2010 – The Turkish State punished Kurdish people as a result of their decision to boycott the referendum.

Today early in the morning on the Hakkari Pinyanis (Gecitli) road a minibus, which was carrying the villagers, was exploded by a landed mine; 10 civilians died and two were injured. After that the villagers, who went to the place where the incident occurred, found 2 unexploded antitank mines, 2 military bags and a sword bayonet, a camera and cable were found into the bags. From the images/footage that the villagers had taken, this equipment belonged to the Hakkari Brigadier Commander. The villagers, who intended to hand in the evidences to the public prosecutor, were faced with the prevention of the soldiers. A clash occurred between the soldiers, who fired their rifles in the air, and the villagers. Despite of this, the villagers managed to hand in the evidences that they had found at the scene to the public prosecutor.

Although, the KCK declared a unilateral ceasefire last month, which is not due to expire until 20 September 10, the Turkish army has continued its operations. Why the Turkish army expended its operations especially in Hakkari should be considered carefully. 20 guerrillas lost their lives during these operations. Now the Turkish army is targeting innocent civilians.

All of the evidences show that Pinyanis explosion was conducted by the Turkish contra forces. This event is an attack mainly against Pinyanis  village and people of Hakkari as a punishment. During the referendum held on 12 September 10, the people of Hakkari showed their resistance against the fascist Turkish constitution with a 93% record and just 5 of 970 voters of Pinyanis village gave their votes. Others boycotted the referendum. This event is a punishment against the boycott decision of the local villagers. When the referendum results were announced, the Turkish government targeted Hakkari. Now the Turkish contra forces committed this crime against innocent civilians.

This type of attack is not the first of its kind perpetrated by the Turkish authorities. Indeed, there have been many instances when innocent civilians have been targeted and attacked. To date all such crimes have been attempted to be linked to the PKK. The most striking of all these was on 9 November 2005 in the Semdinli town center. A bomb had been thrown to Umut Bookshop by the army officers, one civilian had lost his/her life and many civilians were injured. The army officers, who had thrown the bomb, had been caught in the act nearby members of the public.

The Pinyanis event is clear. The perpetrators of this violent attack are the Turkish contra forces. We condemn the perpetrators; may God have mercy on the people who lost their lives; we wish the injured speedy recovery; we offer the families of the deceasedÔÇÖs and mainly the people of Pinyanis and our people in Hakkari and all the people of Kurdistan condolences. We urge the AKP government to clarify this attack, to find the perpetrators and prosecute them for their heinous attack on innocent civilians.

Executive Council of KNK