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Turkish Bombardment Massacres Civilians on Picnics in South Kurdistan


Turkish artillery fire has killed dozen civilians and injured 26 enjoying themselves on picnics in rural areas in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). The Turkish occupation army’s bombing of the region has increasingly been targeting civilian areas and has resulted in many civilian casualties.

Tourists from central and southern Iraq who were visiting a popular picnic site in the Derkare neighbourhood of Zakho were the victims of a barrage of shells from the occupying Turkish army.

Turkey, which bombed the summer resort in Perex village of Derkarê sub-district of Zaxo district of Duhok province in Southern Kurdistan, killed at least 10 local tourists and injured more than 26 local tourists.

Perex village is frequently used by tourists in the region for picnic purposes. The people who lost their lives were

tourists from the central and southern parts of Iraq. The village of Perex was targeted by mortar and howitzer artillery for the third time in July.

We have always warned the international community that the Turkish state’s operations in the area are a cause of instability and destruction. The Turkish army has been using chemical weapons in its operations and the lack of a response by international organizations and states has emboldened Turkey to carry out massacres in the region.

Turkey has stepped up its attacks against both Iraq and Syria and is continuing to kill civilians in both countries. This latest massacre of civilians at the hands of the Turkish occupying forces is unacceptable and must be pushed back against.

Kurdistan National Congress