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Stop the unfair practices towards Kurdish politicians

Statement 23.04.2011- The unfair practices towards Kurdish politicians facing oppression in recent days have gained intensity. 10% electoral threshold in Turkey forced BDP to enter the elections with independent MPs, but the -known seven-candidates of BDP were vetoed by (Turkey’s Supreme Election Commission) YSK arbitrarily and the country almost dragged into a chaos. On the other hand, Office of Foreign Assets Control – OFAC, which is under the U.S. Treasury Ministry, froze 5 Kurdish politicians’ assets, which they do not have any, linking with the criminal events. Some of these Kurdish politicians, who were subjected to this unfair accusation by Office of Foreign Assets Control, are the members of the Kurdistan National Congress.

The events noted above, clearly indicate the scope of policies towards Kurdish politician. Especially, Fight against Terrorism spree launched by states, which is behind the September 11 attack, has opened the door to an incredible attack against freedom, democracy and the basic rights. States are trying to silence or victimise the opposition forces via this argument with their anti-democratic attitudes and smear because they are disturbed on the basis of the interest policies.

For example, it is meaningful that one day after this application by the U.S. towards Kurdish politicians, Turkey gave the helicopter tender costing 4 million dollar to the U.S. It is known that for years, Kurds are being victimised by Turkey’s Allied forces on the basis of economic, political and military interests within the framework of Turkey’s anti-Kurdish politics.

It is clear that this kind of policies prevent the democratic political solution of the Kurdish question and the democratization of Turkey. The democratic political space is narrowed to Kurds by so-called ‘terror lists’, of which legitimacy is questionable; bans, arrests and torture, slander and killings. These kinds of attitudes are dangerous and irresponsible. The peace process, which is being developed within very difficult conditions and under heavy attacks by the Kurdish side, has created a hope of democratic political solution to the Kurdish problem. On the other hand, the above-mentioned attacks also create much anxiety.

On behalf of Kurdistan National Congress we call the Turkey and the U.S. to take a step for the democratic solution to Kurdish problem giving up their conflict policies and ending their unfair practices as soon as possible, which is undermining the peace process.

Executive Council of the KNK