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March 2009 – *Great enthusiasm and attendances for Newroz celebrations in all around Turkey *Thousands celebrate flashpoint Kurdish festivity in Turkey *”Opinion: Newroz message: no post-PKK era in Kurdish politics in Turkey” *Kurdish Newroz 2709 (2009), in Syria *Iraq Kurds celebrate New Year with mountain torches *Mir Azadi: The Kurdish Summit *DTP announces victory in…

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February 2009- *Final Resolutions: 5th International EUTCC Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds *Parliament TV Channel goes off the air when Kurdish deputy spoke in Kurdish *Intellectuals reacts again TRT’s censure on Kurdish *Peace Mothers:PM Erdogan should apologize from Kurds *Tuğluk case risks turning into another Zana scandal *AKP’s new trick to hunt…