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News Bullettin

October 2007 –

*Abdullah Ocalan: we are open to any kind of democratic solution
*KCK Statement: We call on all international forces, the USA and the EU, to make an effort to resolve the Kurdish question peaceful-democratic
*Official Statement from the Kurdistan Regional Government
*DTP Congress seeks “Democratic Autonomy”
*The IHD Further reports from the IHD (Human Rights Association)
*Free Soldier Hostages without Operations
*Turkish hostage troops sent to prison after release by Kurdish rebels
*252 Organisations Call for Peace  
*Kurd rebels say open to talks, may give up arm
*Sympathy for rebels in northern Iraq
*Turkish Kurds who live near the border with Iraq feel under attack
*Hadi Elis:The international recognition of PKK and the road map to peace in Turkey
*Beytussebap Massacre
*Protestor killed in anti-incursion rally in Syria
*Indiscriminate Arrests to Prevent Peaceful Demonstrations
*PJAK releases Iranian soldier
*Iranian Army intensifies troop built-up on the Border of Haji Omar

KNK October 2007 Bullettin ……

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