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Message of Condolence On the passing of KNK founding member Dr. Najmaldin Karim

To the people of Kurdistan:
To the family of Dr. Najmaldin Karim:

We are very sad to have received the unfortunate and heart-breaking news of the passing of KNK founding member Dr. Najmaldin Karim. Dr. Najmaldin, in his youth in Southern Kurdistan, took part in the September Revolution and played a prominent role. He was always active in patriotic politics and pursuits and had a distinguished place in Kurdistani politics. Dr. Najmaldin did great work for national unity and was a founding and long-time member of KNK.

We are deeply saddened by the death of Dr. Najmaldin Karim and share the grief of his family and friends. On this occasion, we extend our condolences to all the people of Kurdistan and their families.

Kak Najmaldin, do not worry, we will struggle until the end for the unity and freedom of the people of Kurdistan, and make your wishes a reality.

With regards,

KNK Executive Council
31.10.2020, Brussels