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Massacres and mass graves are crimes against humanity

Statement 07.02.2011 –  The Kurdish nation has repeatedly drawn humanity’s attention to the genocide carried out by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people. However neither international forces, nor European countries, nor the USA nor wider international public opinion have heeded the call of the Kurdish nation. Today it has become obvious that Turkey has been prosecuting a long and dirty war for 30 years. By various means the Turkish state has been exterminating Kurds, with mass graves and many different covert actions.

At all international meetings, the government of AKP is duplicitous, and in Turkey the AKP government hides the reality of the genocide of Kurds from both domestic and foreign public opinion by deceit and by manipulating the political agenda. Crimes which the Turkish state has perpetrated against Kurdish guerrillas, the razing of Kurdish villages, the ongoing use of  chemical weapons, and unethical and inhumane activities have been verified in the conclusions of German researchers. Investigating groups and organizations campaigning against the use of chemical weapons went to Turkey and Kurdistan from Europe. The Turkish state and the AKP government continue to commit environmental, cultural, linguistic, economic, geographic and political genocide against Kurds and this is ongoing.

On the other side, the Kurdish people claim their human rights in demanding that all mass graves be located and opened, and that those responsible for the massacres and their cover-up be identified and brought to justice. Using all democratic means, the Kurdish people will take action to draw the awareness of international public opinion to these crimes. Unfortunately not one international organisation has raised its voice on the matter, even despite the visit of a European Union delegation to Kurdistan and Turkey last year.

The Kurdistan National Congress, KNK, condemns these murders and all crimes perpetrated by the state against the Kurdish people. KNK also criticizes the prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan for remaining silent about the mass graves being uncovered in Turkey. While he appears to be a supporter of democracy abroad, in relation to the people’s protests in Egypt, at the same time he condones the murder of Kurds at home.

For those governments ruling Kurdistan “the only good Kurd is a dead Kurd”. It is imperative that Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan join forces and, now as the despotic oppressors of the Arab world are being toppled by popular uprisings, we must support the National Congress and strengthen our alliance. In this way the fascists and dictators will be held to account for the genocide of the Kurdish people and Kurds will take control of the resolution of their own situation.

We, as KNK, call on the Europe Union, the United Nations, the USA and other international organizations to compel Turkey to prepare a map of the locations of mass graves in Turkey and in Kurdistan. The Kurdish people will ensure that those who murdered Kurds under the authority of the fascist system of the Turkish state will be identified and prosecuted.

Kurdish people must, using all methods of democratic protest and action, call on global public opinion and all international organizations to oppose the massacres carried out by the Turkish state and government.

To conclude, Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan, and also in the diaspora, will demonstrate a united front against those who have committed such crimes against humanity. Kurds will continue to make their voice heard  to the highest level of world opinion.

Executive Council of KNK