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Kurdish People are Standing Firm in the Defence of Their Freedom and Existence

Statement 28.03.2011 – This year’s Newroz celebrations have been the largest mass demonstrations in Kurdistan. Millions of people attended the Newroz festival of resistance, freedom and peace. The Kurdish people sent a message to Turkey first of all, to regional powers and to the whole world, that they would not let the policies designed to deny and destroy them to succeed and they would achieve freedom by their democratic struggle.

The ‘Democratic Solution Tent’ which were established in many cities of Kurdistan under the leadership of Peace Mothers, met with the AKP government’s intolerant response. While the state security forces were trying to block tens of thousands Kurdish people from marching to the Democratic Solution Tents at the end of Newroz celebrations, conflicts took place. As a result of using water cannon, tear gas and batons against demonstrators and the response of the public, the streets have been turned into a battlefield once again. The parliamentarians of the BDP and members of foreign delegations who were present as observers of Newroz in Kurdistan, were all caught up in the attacks. In events over the past four days, hundreds of people were taken into custody, about 100 people were arrested and dozens were injured. The final balance sheet is still unknown.

For nearly 30 years the Kurdish people have been engaged in a struggle against the policies of anti-democratic and despotic governments. As a result of the struggle of the Kurdish people, many governments and the General Staffs have come to grief because of their chauvinistic and narrow mentality. Governments who have all the powers of the state at their disposal manipulate this against to consciousness of the people, but as is shown in many examples in the Arab and other regional countries, they will not be successful. Unfortunately, by failing to consider these facts, the Government of Turkey under the AKP are facing the fate of these other governments.

It is a deeply paradoxical situation that the AKP can demonstrate understanding and solidarity with the people of the region who rebelled against their despotic regimes, while on the other side, the AKP responds with all the force of the state against the people of its own country, the Kurdish people, struggling for Democracy, Peace and Freedom. While the AKP tries to suppress the legitimate demands of the people in Kurdistan over many days, at the same time the AKP brings forward proposals to parliament to permit military action against Libya. These schizophrenic policies of the AKP might be appreciated by allied forces, but they lose all legitimacy and more in the eyes of the people.

The character of the struggle of the Kurdish people has been declared a ‘whose existence protection – providing the freedom’. They reveal at every opportunity that they may also choose to have democratic solution methods. By providing the project developed for a solution to achieve a ‘Democratic Turkey – Democratic Freedom autonomous Kurdistan┬┤ within Turkey for the democratic rights of its own existence, the Kurdish people have shown a desire for a peaceful and free common life with other people. The Kurdish Freedom Movement in accordance with the recommendations of Kurdish People’s Leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, have declared their eighth unilateral ceasefire since August 2010. However, the AKP government has not responded to this ceasefire. On the contrary, the AKP has taken it as an opportunity to strengthen its power, and is working to let it meet the same fate as previous occasions.

The way to secure a permanent peace and lift the obstacles to democracy in the region lies in the democratic solution to the problem of the freedom of the Kurdish peoples, which are divided into four countries. We do not accept the policies of the U.S. and the EU that support the legitimate resistance of the Arab and Middle Eastern peoples, but on the other side, they regard the more legitimate struggle of the Kurdish people as simply terrorist. We call on them to give up these unfair practices immediately; because by supporting the anti-democratic policies of the AKP, it becomes more difficult for a peaceful solution to the problem to be achieved.

Executive Council of KNK