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KNK opens representation in the Democratic Autonomy in Rojava

We are delighted to announce that the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has expanded to open a new office on 6th of April 2014 in the Canton of Cezire in the Democratic Autonomous region in Rojava (Western Kurdistan – Northern Syria). The new office is located in the largest city of Rojava in Qamishlo.

The government of Cezire Canton has welcomed our work regarding a peaceful solution to Rojava and Syria and given us permission to open our office. We wish again express our thanks to the Ministry of Interior of the Canton of Cezire for offering us the opportunities to make it possible to realise our long time aims.

For some time now, we have been considering the need to be closer and more accessible to our people in Rojava.

The new office represents our commitment to strengthening our political aim towards a strategy of national unity and a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

The KNK has made tremendous progress over the last 15 years in improving the strategy of national unity and we continue to see potential for more growth in Kurdistan, particularly in Rojava Kurdistan.

We are committed to being part of the future in Rojava and are already actively involved in a number of projects and political initiatives.

The new office allows us to build bridges between the different parts of Kurdistan with Rojava as well as in the international area. The project of democratic autonomy of Rojava, which is organised within the framework of Cantons provides for a democratisation of Syria. At the same time, this project is an historic example for the Middle East. With the opening of the KNK Rojava representation office, it is our aim to give full support to these historic efforts.

Executive Council of the KNK

7th April 2014