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KNK concerned to hear that Kurdish leaders are being questioned by MI5

Statement 08.12.2010 – The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has been informed that over the last few days several leading members of the Kurdish community in Britain have been questioned by members of MI5.

As far as it can be ascertained a total of 15 individuals have been visited at their homes by officers who identified themselves as from the British security service. The officers informed the Kurdish community leaders that their movements had been under surveillance and that some of their activities constituted a breach of UK law. Furthermore, they were instructed that they should cease these activities in future.

The KNK would like to make it quite clear that it is engaged in entirely open and peaceful activities and operates fully within the law. The KNK is dedicated to serving the Kurdish people to achieve their legitimate demands and believes that these can be achieved through peaceful means and dialogue.

The greatest desire of the Kurdish people is for peace and a just solution where Kurds and Turks can respect one another and live closely in a democratic society.

The KNK is pursuing its diplomatic activities by lobbying the British Government and political parties in order to persuade them of the justice of the Kurdish case and to explain the demands of the Kurdish people.

As far as we are concerned all legitimate Kurdish organisations and those who are privileged to assume leadership of the Kurds are working to achieve the same ends and are carrying out their work in an entirely responsible manner.

The KNK is concerned that the reports of the questioning of Kurdish community leaders by MI5 officers may damage relations between the Kurds and other members of British society and that the action will pose a further obstacle to our peaceful lobbying and campaigns.