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Western (Syria)

Briefly History of Syria and Rojava

After the First World War, the modern system of nation-states emerged in the Middle East. The Kurds lost the semi-autonomous status that they had enjoyed during the Ottoman times. This process was engineered by the great European powers led by the UK and France. After the Second World War, the USA emerged as the most…

Geneve II

Index •    Introduction letter of the KNK •    Political Solution for Syria and West Kurdistan and call for participation of Kurdish Supreme Council for Geneva II Conference •    Letter from Arbil party’s •    International Appeal Geneve II 2014….

Turkey is supporting and setting Jihadist groups against the Kurds

Statement 26.11.2012 –  There have been important developments since November 8th in Serekani (Ras al-Ayn), the Kurdish area of Syria, which is also on the border of Turkey. Neighboring a town by the same name (Ceylanpinar) on the Turkey border, Serekani is a multicultural and multi-ethnic city with Arab, Assyrian and Circassian inhabitants. Both Serekani’s…