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News Bullettin n2

February 2008 –

*KCK: The Operations are the First Step in the Occupation of Southern Kurdistan
*Karayilan: Turkish military operation failed: PKK leader
*Turkey ready for ground operations in Iraq to fight PKK
*60 village guards arrested for refusing to take part in the operations
*Kurd rebels say they shot down Turkish helicopter
*HPG’s Statement: The total outcome of the fighting with the Turkish invading forces: 120 Turkish soldiers killed
*Human scandal in Bingöl!
*Ersoy: I would not have sent my child to the army
*452 Claims of Torture in 2007, Says TIHV-Turkey
*Five Months Imprisonment for Kurdish Petition
*Intellectuals expect mediation from Gül on Kurdish
*Iraq denounces Turkish offensive
*Barzani heads to border zone, criticizes incursion
*Iraq’s PM demands U.S. release ‘Chemical Ali’, two others for execution
*Kurdish community protest against discriminatory reporting and broadcasting
*We condemn torture and attacks against Kurdistan journalists
*Iran reinforces Iraq border after Turkish attack
*Kurdish singer missing!
*Summary of Human Rights Violation in Syria

KNK 2008 Bullettin n2……